123Go! Review – Francis and The Lights, “Farewell, Starlight!”

Francis and The Lights - Farewell, Starlite! - KTTF, 2016

Francis and The Lights – Farewell, Starlite! – KTTF, 2016

I almost didn’t post in fear of catalyzing his popularity even more.  Kanye and Justin aren’t helping.  So, if you don’t know Francis Starlite, that’s a good thing.  I first learned about Francis from Coachella, 2011.  He played an earlier set on one of the starting days – and that was a good thing.  No one was there.  He and his band gave us a taste featuring tunes from “It’ll Be Better”.    I watched this Bowie/Jackson/Prince performer dance with amazing flair.  My jaw was dropped for the whole set.  I thought to myself, “How is this guy not famous?”  From there, I got my hands on everything I could from this guy’s catalog.  Then he put out an incredible EP, “Like a Dream“.  Then he was commissioned for the full motion picture soundtrack of “Robot and Frank“.  Staying pretty quiet in his media posts and blog (well, that’s what happens when your busy, right?).  And he was.  Now, “Farewell, Starlite!”  Playing off his full name for the title, the record takes the next step on his historical, make-you-wanna-dance, Bowie/Jackson feel.  It shouldn’t be taken the wrong way when I say I’m thankful that the critics didn’t give “Farewell, Starlite!” favourable reviews.  No, I’m not trying to suppress his success – it’ll come sooner and faster than we’d all like to accept.  It’s selfish of me.  It keeps him more for us and less for them.  They don’t don’t deserve him.  So a big FUCK YOU, THANK YOU to the critics (hugs and kisses).  The only thing I ask of you, Mr. Starlite, “Please don’t let the title be any indicator.  Do it your way, of course, stay esoteric and personal, but please – keep it alive for us.”

Pitchfork: 6.4  //  CoS: C  //  the interns: 9  //  Indie Sound: 7.5

Listen on Spotify. Download it here.  Play along with it.

1-2-3-Go! Review – Radiohead, “A Moon Shaped Pool”


Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool – XL, 2016

Is AMSP a milestone record?  Let the kids decide.  Everyone has their association with Radiohead and what you discovered as the record you thought would never be topped would always be your association with Radiohead.  It’s like, a feeling… man.  (pfft, blech, roll another one)  I was introduced to Radiohead with «Amnesiac».  Weird starter, I know.  Others were introduced more traditionally with «Kid A» or «OK Computer».  Newer aficionados may have gotten hooked with «In Rainbows».  And some were introduced with «Pablo Honey» (…and hopefully, they quickly moved on.  If that’s your full understanding of Radiohead, please don’t bother.)

I’ll leave you to your own thoughts with this one, if you’re capable.  My curiosity: Did they use «Identikit» as a hat-tip to Jawbox or are they referring to a composite sketch?  Either way, it’s Radiohead.  You will get what you expected… at a minimum.  And if the kids won’t decide or you can’t decide or you WON’T decide, here’s the worst to best according to CoS (take it or leave it or whatever, for whatever): 9- pablo honey, 8- king of limbs, 7- amnesiac, 6- hail to the theif, 5- moon shaped pool, 4- the bends, 3- in rainbows, 2- ok computer, 1- kid A

Pitchfork: 9.1  |  Rollingstone:  4.5  |  Meta: 88  |  CoS: A-
Listen to it on Spotify

Der CH Weg

For me, taking holiday in the Schweiz means taking time to «live» in another country.  On rest days spent outside of training or climbing, I made it a point to have no plans and do absolutely nothing.  And by nothing, I mean nothing.  Some days the most I would do is wake up, have breakfast, go up to the Migros, Hund geht, and just sit around (maybe looking for jobs – one can dream, right?).  And doing nothing allows me to take a step back and think about the Swiss way of life and what it would mean to live here.  We always say that «the grass is always greener» to mean that while you think something may be better on the other side, it may not.  But then again, maybe it really is greener.  Compared to Colorado it is, actually.  It rains more here.  More rain, more green.  Get it?

Where’s he going with this?  I’unno.  But I thought it’d be fun to take note of some things that are the Swiss way as I spend time on holiday.  I’ll add more as I learn more.

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1-2-3-Go! Review – Beach Slang, “The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us”

Beach Slang - The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us Polyvinyl, 2015

Beach Slang – The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us
Polyvinyl, 2015

“THE NIGHT IS ALIVE, IT’S LOUD AND I’M DRUNK!”  Beach Slang offers a slew of anthemic reasons why you should remember what made you who you are today.  The long rides home at 3AM from the VFW halls that you barely got good enough directions to find – stereo blasting your favorite mixtape all the way to your driveway.  If you grew up during the Weston and Plow United years, if you grew up with Wetlands and Coney Island High as your usual weekend plans, if you grew up trying to headline VFW halls, if you didn’t grow up – then James Alex is back to give you a powerful punch to the heart and remind you that we are young and alive.


Allmusic: 3.5/5stars  |  SPIN: 7/10  |  Pitchfork: 8.0  |  Rolling Stone: 3.5/5stars  |  NYTimes

Beach Slang is performing at the Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO on 27-APR-16 ($13adv/$15door)

Watch NPR’s “Portrait of a Punk Who Never Grew Up” below.